Everything metal

can be

Metal is just a raw material, but if you invest knowledge, modern technology, time and passion in it, it becomes a product that pushes boundaries.

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with character

Packaging is the first impression of a product, and it should be created carefully and with the best - a company that has been sovereignly defending its leading position in the HoReCa industry for 30 years.

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Hot or cold,

it’s important that it is in the right display case

Our devices are the choice of some of the world's strongest brands, and this is the result of following world trends, responding to all challenges and continuous technical support that you can always count on.

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Security, precision,

operability and trust

These values ​​are SIGOC promises that we keep with all existing and future partners and that we have confidently been giving for decades.

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000 000

Packaging units sold per year


Serviced devices per year

Years of business


We create partnerships that push boundaries

Three decades of doing business in markets that demand the best from the best have taught us that it takes learning, keeping up with the times and never neglecting the need for business associates to give you an idea, ask a question or make a suggestion. From a family business to a leader in several industries, we have not forgotten for a moment that the only way is forward and that success does not come on its own, but is achieved together with those who become a part of it.


Packaging and Horeca

Although we are the choice of the biggest, we are also here for those who have not yet decided in which packaging they want to pack their success.

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Our specialist teams are experts in purchase recommendation, reparations and everything that is needed for your business to function without downtime and loss.

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Functionality and elegance of metal

We are here to bring your vision by careful planning, investment of knowledge, time and expertise, with the guidance of specialists who are at the top in what they do, to a product that pushes the boundaries of expectations.

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Storage and transport

The easiest way to connect point S with point S is SUCCESS. Our entire fleet is available, as well as the possibility of storage in our logistics centers.

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The wind in the wings of those who strive for success.


Our market




Employees in our team

SIGOC clients are the mirror of our business ethics, expertise and ability to meet the highest standards and exceed expectations.

Our Clients

Latest news

16. 05. 2021

EURO2020 is on all displays, but how to make it the most impressive?

Football is the most important sideline in the world, everyone knows that, and thanks to that SIGOC experts in making impressive displays know how to achieve good business results. We can’t imagine watching any game, especially those during the European Championship, without a good refreshment. Beverage companies know how to make the right combination of

16. 05. 2021

It’s the same us, we just have a new SIGOC web site

If we know each other, this is what you expected. If we don’t know each other – our new web site will please you almost as much as it did us. Speed, precision, transparency, innovation, modern technologies, expertise, friendly approach and tradition in business and achieving good results – now you will be able to

16. 05. 2021

Do you want your favorite Costa Coffee flavor to always be served hot? Don’t worry – it will certainly be so because SIGOC is up to the task

It is important which coffee is in the cup you came for to take a break, chat with friends, arrange business with partners or simply enjoy your favorite taste which you start or end the day with. SIGOC, a partner of Coca-Cola in the packaging, storage, service and distribution of refrigeration equipment for 20 years,


You have a goal, and we have the znanje

to reach it.

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