Cooling devices

Whether you need a new, used or want to rent a refrigeration unit, we are the address for you. We are here to recommend, improve the look, deliver and install all devices from our portfolio.

Flex-20 [R600]

MV-40 [R600a]

Flex-35 Tall [R600]

Flex-100C [R600]

EasyPick [R290]

Super-5 [R600a]

FV-650 [R290]

CMV-375 [R600a]

Smart-800 [R290]

Smart-900L [R290]

Smart-1300 HD [R290] LC

VF 500

Commercial freezer

D 400 DSFG

D 300 DSFG

D 200 DSFG

D 500 DF

D 300 DF

D 200 DF

Viper elite 4 barrel

Viper elite 3 barrel

Viper elite 2 barrel

Flavor overload

Quest elite

Jetspray dispencer

Flawor blast tower

Tea tower

NitroPro mini


Under counter ice maker

Nordic dispencer

Modular ice maker

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