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We are your strategic partner, distribution team, consultant, and engineer. We are recommended by 30 years of business in markets that demand the best of the best.


Years of business

From a family company, SIGOC has grown into a successful business in various areas through contribution to the quality of our partners' business. Quality and continuous improvement of all areas are an imperative that generates trust and market credibility in the country and the region.

A brief history of the company

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Family Company established



The company and its team of engineers put into operation the most important rubber companies in Yugoslavia: Kolubara Univerzal, Kraguj Batočina and Balkan Belt Suva Reka.


Becomes a part of GOSA HK

The company becomes a part of GOSA HK and participates in the installation and commissioning of excavators for the needs of surface mines of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia.


Contitech Representative

The company becomes the exclusive distributor and agent of Contitech, a member of the multinational rubber giant Continetal AG.



The company becomes the exclusive distributor and representative of the multinational company Frigoglass and forms the first service network for the maintenance of Coca Cola refrigerated display cases.



The company becomes the exclusive distributor and representative of the leading regional manufacturer of glass packaging Yioula and cooperates with the largest producers of juices, alcohol and marmalades throughout the territory of former Yugoslavia.


Construction of the center

The company starts the construction of 3,500 m2 center for the distribution and repair of refrigerated display cases in Šimanovci.


Opening distribution centers

The company is opening a center for distribution of refrigerated display cases and glass packaging in Čačak, Niš, Bjelo Polje and Podgorica with a total area of ​​3,000 m2.


20 trucks

The company has opened a logistics sector for the needs of distribution and positioning of refrigerated display cases / grinders / vending machines / coffee machines on the territory of Serbia and Montenegro.


Establishment of a metal processing factory


Official Costa Coffee coffee machine maintenance center

What can you expect from us?

SIGOC has developed its expertise in various areas from services and distribution related to the food and beverage industry, logistics, consulting services and engineering. For us, business is an emotion that we bring into everything we do, enthusiasm to always learn and improve, precision that sets us apart from others, transparency thanks to which our associates are also our friends and the ambition to always set high goals. This is why we are your:


Strategic partner

SIGOC is the solution for all strategic decisions in the field of servicing, reparation, logistics and storage of Point Of Sales (POS) devices such as refrigerated display cases, grinders, coffee machines, post mix machines, etc.


Distribution team

SIGOC is the place where the design and marketing department creates solutions and together with the sales team supplies the market with pergolas, umbrellas, garden solutions as well as glass, plastic packaging and other HORECA and Food & Beverage accessories.


Logistics and Warehouse

SIGOC is a helpful, flexible carrier and warehouse of POS equipment. We do city and intercity deliveries from our 3 distribution centers or relocate your POS equipment from one location to another, all through our state-of-the-art POS Fleet management application.



SIGOC is where metal takes shape. We produce for the needs of B2B and B2C garden furniture, shelves for supermarkets, boxes and cabinets of various sizes and applications, metal components for the furniture industry, and if necessary, we also do service metal processing according to your wishes.



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