Service processing

Our distribution centers in key locations

We make everything that metal can be

Whether your goal is to increase sales, smart and safe storage, a pleasant ambience that stands out or a construction which you want to use only proven metal components for, SIGOC is the partner that gives the result you are striving for. We specialize in the manufacture and processing of metals for all industries from FMCG, through pharmacy, construction, HoReCa to everything you want in your home or garden. We provide a complete service: research, design, development, prototyping, production, testing, transport and installation. We combine metal with wood and clearite, and the result is products of modern design and top quality. Whether it is POS materials or garden furniture, we can design and make a finished product for you that leaves exactly the impression you wanted, if not more than that.

Plasticization and wet painting

High quality plastic made with great precision, which is our trademark.

Laser metal cutting

Through our laser metal cutting service, you get precision, quality and time savings.

Laser cutting of non-metals

What you imagine, we cut.

Metal bending services

You can perform all your metal bending needs in one place - with us.


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